Happy Accident – Morikami Museum

Happy Accident – Morikami Museum

I found my way to the Morikami Museum as I find most things, by accident. I was on my way to Miami for an annual December friends weekend and saw signs to the museum as I was driving south with a large coffee. When I arrived, it was amazing and I was kicking myself that … Read More

Altered States? Or Baby Otter Style? What is Floating?

I like to try new things, sometimes Questionable things .  I really like that by using Groupon,  I can try something without paying a fortune to do it. My rock wall climbing adventure was a Groupon. After Hurricane Matthew, I was tense and felt over worked, so I went on Groupon to find some massage … Read More

Friday’s Fearless Females- Oksana Chusovitina

You may have seen today’s Fearless Female, if you watched the summer Olympic Games in Rio. Oksana  Chusovitina is the oldest Olympic female gymnast in history, competing in her seventh Summer Games.  She is 41 years old and has a 17 year old son! She is competing against  other gymnasts, who are her son’s age … Read More