Friday’s Fearless Females-Freya Stark

Today’s Fearless Female is Freya Stark. First off, let me just say that is the coolest name ever! Like her parents knew she would grow up to be a famous adventurer! Stark was born in 1893 in Paris and died in 1993 at 100 years old in Italy. In what seems to be a familiar … Read More

New Book – Denali by Ike Waits

I have been reading about Denali National Park and everywhere I look people were recommending this book as THE GUIDE! I was going to look for it on Amazon but I decided to consult the Oracle (Google) first. I found the author, Ike Waits has his own WEBSITE with his books for order and some … Read More

What is Questionable Activity and Why?

The only thing I do more than drink coffee is read! Books, journals, magazines and now blogs. I love blogs. I read blogs written by amazing people, doing amazing things. I have noticed that the people doing the traveling, writing and amazing are usually between 20 and 30 years old. I was lucky enough to … Read More