Foster Kittens aka new house guests

My 12 year old son, Matt, has loved cats since he was a baby. He has been asking me about trying out being a Dad to some foster kittens. I decided it would be great for him in so many ways. It has the potential to teach empathy, responsibility, money management and so much more! I gave him a budget and let him get what he thought he might need. He bought a kitty playpen, a few toys, some extra food and a small litter box. We already have 2 cats at home so the extra litter box was a must.

Last Friday, we picked up three foster kittens at the local shelter with help from our local cat rescue, The Last Chance Sanctuary. They are adorable. Matt will be guest blogging here once in a while, under my supervision. If he decides he likes it, he may end up with his own kitty blog.  I added a page for him to post kitty photos of his new babies. It is under the tab, Matt’s Cats. He is doing a great job so far!

Here is a picture from right after we got them home. They were hungry and a bit dirty. Matt likes to watch kitten care videos on YouTube so he knew how to gently wash them with a warm wash cloth and keep them warm. He used one of our heating pads on low and some towels. He has used so many towels this week that he will be learning more about doing laundry this weekend!

Three Foster Kittens

These sweet foster kittens are 4 and half weeks old and will be ready for adoption a bit after they turn 8 weeks. Adoption will be through The Last Chance Sanctuary. If you are local and interested, please let us know. They are very lovable!


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