Friday’s Fearless Females-Freya Stark

Today’s Fearless Female is Freya Stark. First off, let me just say that is the coolest name ever! Like her parents knew she would grow up to be a famous adventurer! Stark was born in 1893 in Paris and died in 1993 at 100 years old in Italy. In what seems to be a familiar … Read More

Friday’s Fearless Females-Nan “Drag’n Fly” Reisinger & Carolyn “Freckles” Banjak

Every Friday check back and meet a new Fearless Female or in today’s case…two! Today’s Fearless Females are  Nan “Drag’n Fly” Reisinger, who thru hiked the Appalachian Trail at 74 years old! Drag’n Fly currently holds the record of the oldest female thru-hiker of the AT. She completed the trail in 2014 with hiking partner, … Read More

New Book – Denali by Ike Waits

I have been reading about Denali National Park and everywhere I look people were recommending this book as THE GUIDE! I was going to look for it on Amazon but I decided to consult the Oracle (Google) first. I found the author, Ike Waits has his own WEBSITE with his books for order and some … Read More